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Keep up your emotional wellness and support

Both private and public services are switching over to provide telephone and/or video services.  Even if you do not have a computer, you can access video services with a mobile device that has a camera such as an iphone, android phone, some tablets, or an ipad. 

Existing Emotional Wellness Support








A) If you are working, your work health insurance may already cover mental health services with a Psychologist or Registered Counsellor, usually without the need for a physician's referral. Check your policy or call your group benefits provider. Free to Co-pay. 


B) Work Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Your workplace may already have short term therapy provision through their own network. Talk to your human services department. Free


C) Seniors Come Share. Adult Day Program. Community Support Program:  caregiver support, legal and income tax support, meal program,  telephone support networking,  Extensive online resources available.

604-536-9348 https://www.comeshare.ca/resource-directory


D) Sources Counselling Services in White Rock is a community service that offers fee-based individual, couples, and family counselling by phone and video.

www.sourcesbc.ca (under the MENU-OurServices)   

604-538-2522  email: counsellingservices@sourcesbc.ca


E) White Rock/South Surrey Older Adult Community Mental Health. Services are part of the Fraser Health Authority https://www.fraserhealth.ca/ Find the Mental Health button on Main Page. 65 and older. For those struggling with mental health issues and are having difficulty managing their daily living. Medical Interpreter available for other languages. 604-541-6844 FREE

F) Private Practice therapists are available through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors https://bc-counsellors.org/ or the BC Psychological Association https://www.psychologists.bc.ca/

Fees for private therapy will range from $120 to $220+

G) Bounceback.ca  is a free (Canadian Mental Health online program) skill-building program designed to help adults manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry. Delivered self-study online course or over the phone with a coach. 9 self study CBT modules can be accessed immediately without a referral. Coaching requires physician referral -physicians are able to do it online directly  https://bouncebackbc.ca/ 

H) Hospice. Peace Arch Hospice currently providing support via telephone or videoconference. www.peacearchhospice.org 604-531-7484

I) If you are being abused or mistreated, call the Seniors Abuse & Information Line at 1-866-437-1940,

7 days a week, 8am-8pmhttp://seniorsfirstbc.ca/

J) First Nations support is available through fnha.ca

and the 24-hour crisis line, 1-800-588-8717. FREE

K) If you are a victim of a crime, Crime Victims Assistance can help you apply for access to therapy services. 1-866-660-3888 cvap@gov.bc.ca FREE or

CoPay depending on the therapist rates.