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Care to Speak-Peer support services for BC health care workers

1-866-802-7337 (PEER)

Online Chat on website

Mobile Response Team

 1-888-686-3022 or Email:

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Burn Out

Now that the initial crisis/rapid change phase is moving into a longer term and slower maintenance phase, low energy and low mood can creep in.

Canadian nurses burnout struggles.

Podcast and info about Health Care burnout from Washington University.

The need beyond appreciation!

Detailed research article on burnout in health care providers (on physicians but generalizable) 


Self care, seeking support, and taking breaks are critical. Here are some useful articles:

APA article for health care providers.

Center of Study for Traumatic Stress. Practical strategies for sustaining healthcare workers wellbeing. Several helpful pdf's

Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. Caring for yourself and others during the COVID19 Pandemic: Managing Health Care Workers Stress. Webinar:

National Center for PTSD, Managing Health care workers' stress associated with COVID19

Online Support Group

Care for health providers. Sponsored by CAMH

Fridays 11-12 PST

Registration required. FREE

Compassion Fatigue

Dealing directly with anxious, irritable, and sad clients can sometimes be exhausting. 

Tools for mental health providers:

Self Assessment Tool for Compassion Fatigue. 


Apa Self Care Suggestions for mental health providers

Caring for yourself while caring for others. YouTube Video from Disaster Relief.

Protecting Practitioners at Risk of Professional
Trauma and Fatigue. Multiple handouts, trainings, etc!

Surgeon in Uniform

Dec 2020: McGill research found that while counselling services were available to 50-66% of physicians and nurses, only 10-13% actually used them.

Dont wait, support is available

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