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Happy Puppy

Sometimes the simple pleasures can bring significant joy or contentment, a spring flower, a sunny day, or having a laugh. Look for 5 senses or different ways to uplift mood.  Comforting textures such as blankets, positive sounds such as music, enjoyable sights such as a favourite photo or a funny online video. Positivity is out there to discover! 

Detail of Sheet Music

Positivity Playlists:


Youtube also has other uplifting playlists such as:

Indie/folk positivity playlist.



Spotify has a variety of calming etc playlists. Membership needed for some.

Modern positivity playlist.


Forest Trees

Find some fun, playful indoor and outdoor ways to move your body. Dont waste your time on activities you dont enjoy.

- Surrey Parks and Education is posting free workout videos for members of all ages.

-Canadian Institute for Aging has also posted some additional seniors ones. 

Living Life to The Fullest: 

A Facilitator will facilitate 90-minute, CBT sessions,  once a week over 8 weeks with a co-facilitator to a group of 6 to 12 participants

Dancing in the Fountains
Dog's Portrait
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