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Paper Boat
Calm Lake

Common Sense Media site reviews movies and apps for parents. Includes articles on recommended kids apps.

Parents guide to snapchat

Top internet parenting resources chosen by psychologists.

BC Foundry list of helpful apps for teens.

Science Based, Greater Good Magazine from UC Berkeley has many positive family articles.


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Positive Parenting

Parenting Essentials: The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reviewed extensive research to identify the best approaches to parenting and talked to the experts—both recognized leaders in the parenting field and parents themselves—to create articles, videos, and activities parents and caregivers can use.

Triple P-positive parenting-

Modules for toddlers to teens. (6-8 modules-80$)


Everything for Kids Wellbeing

-including parts for kids and teens to explore themselves.

Behavioral science-based information on children, youth and families developed by leaders of the American Psychological Association


Child Mental Health Online Resources
(reviewed and recommended by our volunteers)

  • (divorce) guide to support BC families, including guides for children and teens. 

  • CADDAC Canadian ADHD organization includes helpful lists of specific, age, appropriate accommodations. 


Post Secondary Students


Free App/Online

Mindfullness Activities for Children


Dealing with Social Media
Happy Family

For available programs, see our brochure or service directory.

Multicultural Website Resources


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Creativity and family play 

87 indoor activities because cabin fever is no joke

NATURE Activities!!

Exploring Indigenous ways of learning-age based materials  and books in the library


Geocaching-an outdoor treasure hunt in your neighborhoods.

Nature journal writing for kids

City of Surrey Resources for outdoor learning.

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Soothing & Quiet Time

Story Book

Learning Support

Indigenous writers of children's books:

-Suggested by CBC

-Published by Strong Nations

-Suggested by UBC


Common Sense Media created site Wide Open Schools with MANY engaging content links for kids learning.  VERY COMPREHENSIVE preK-Grade 12

Kahn Academy-FREE non-profit world-class education pre-k through college. Step-by-step exercises with fun learning

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