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The Mission and Values


Currently co-chaired by Penny Bradley, E.D. Alex House and Dr. Jennifer McIvor, Co-chair, Together-SSWR. Core members currently include: Stephanie Beck, E.D. Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, Sherry Sinclair, Program Manager, South Surrey/White Rock Family Practice of Physicians, Gordie Hogg, Community Advocate/Brella BOD/Politician, Dr. Elizabeth Bannerman, Psychologist, Kathy McIntyre, Community Advocate/Hospice BOD, and Denise Darryl, Sources ED of Women, Seniors, and Community Services.   



To create transformative growth in our community’s mental wellness. 

1-Transformative Growth- We believe in the process of change that results in a strategic, significant, and positive transformation. 

2-Our community- We believe in elevating the community member’s voice as the key stakeholder, including the collaboration of all wellness groups to realize a collective, co-created outcome. Community members include various individuals as well as related systems (couples, families, neighborhoods, various working groups, or other connected groups). 

3-Mental Wellness- We believe in holistic (mind-body), prevention, and a broad range of experience in mental wellness/unwellness.


  • We believe in promoting equity in mental wellness. 

  • We believe that promoting equity means engaging in cultural humility, and actively elevating diversity and social justice within our work.  

  • We also believe that equity means placing the individual at the centre of their wellness, honoring their diverse needs and views of wellness within our community.

  • We believe in interventions that deeply understand the resident voice and need before the solution.

  • We believe in inter-organizational openness, sharing of resources, and collaboration.

  • We believe in the power of innovation to create transformative growth.

  • We believe in a systemic approach that captures a variety of both individual and organizational factors. 

  • We believe in an approach that is open, dynamic, and curious, while also creating a clear, iterative, framework for concrete outcomes.

  • We believe in the importance of interventions that have an enduring sustainability within our changing community.  

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