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Indigenous Services, Children & Families

Metis Family Services

Metis Family Services provides a broad array of support services to Metis children and families. 

From their website:Métis Family Services is committed to working collaboratively with Métis families and our community to increase their capacity to nurture and care for their children in an inclusive manner that honours and celebrates their Métis heritage.

Some examples of programs they offer:

The Métis Child and Family Development Centre is a non-judgemental and supportive space in which parents and children are encouraged to engage in Aboriginal Mother Goose, drumming, singing, circles, story-telling, indigenous animals and puppetry— with Mooshum and Kookum. Parents learn about ages and stages of development and can ask questions about concerns they may have regarding their child’s development. The Early Years workers assist families with parenting strategies and by sharing resources in a welcoming environment. Parents and caregivers can also connect with each other while participating in the program.

Indigenous/Métis Infant Development Program & Early Years Support

When requested, the Infant Development Worker provides consultation for parents/caregivers and their children while they attend play group activities or by providing home visits. The Infant Development Worker can provide activity planning and developmental assessments (ASQ-3, ASQ-2:SE) to better understand a child’s development, celebrate a child’s growth, and to determine when further follow-up needs to be done.

Outreach Parenting Program

The Outreach Parenting Workers support parents to learn new parenting skills, establish household routines and develop coping skills. The Outreach Parenting Workers help families to connect with resources in the community, and work collaboratively with parents to create and make progress on goals that contribute to family harmony.

Resolutions & Reconnect Program

Within the Resolutions and Reconnect program; a Facilitator, Elder and a Reconnect worker are available to collaborate with Social Workers to support children and families in a culturally appropriate way. This is done through the use of Family Finding, Elder support, and Planning Circles. The program helps to promote family safety and wellness, while celebrating Métis history and culture. Its purpose is to increase resolutions for children to return home, to reside with extended family and/or to have a permanency plan within the
Métis community.

Child Safety & Family Services

The Intake and Family Service teams are delegated under the Child, Family, and Community Services Act (CFCSA) to review, assess, and investigate reports of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Supports are then provided to families to mitigate safety risks to Métis children. The team utilizes the family's strengths and natural supports, and makes referrals to community partners in order to overcome barriers to child safety. Métis Family Services works collaboratively with community partners, families, and their networks to keep children with their natural family whenever possible.
Youth Worker Program
​The Youth Worker Program assists teens who are between 16 - 19 year old, and who have been referred by the Ministry of Children and Family development (MCFD) or Métis Family Services. The role of the Youth Worker is to support the youth to develop the life skills necessary to achieve independence upon their 19th birthday, as well as to help youth to succeed on Youth Agreements and Independent Living Agreements.
Rapid Response Program
​The Rapid Response team is committed to working respectfully with families and caregivers while preserving their dignity and cultural beliefs. The team recognizes that families are the expert in their own lives, and draws from their unique strengths to help families to move forward. The team's focus is working collaboratively with families to help them to connect to other community supports, strengthen their community ties, and promote child safety.
Child & Family Group Therapy
​In partnership with Tipping Point Consulting & Counselling Services, the Group Therapy program provides resources to assist children and their families who are struggling with the effects of untreated and unresolved trauma.  Individuals referred will be supported to grow their social-emotional assets to increase co-regulation, self-regulation, social competence, empathy and resilience.  There are four primary areas explored within the overall framework of the group: Attachment, Regulation, Competence, and Community.
Cultural Activities Program
​The Cultural Activities Worker at Métis Family Services is able to assist with connecting individuals and families to Elders, Métis knowledge keepers, and Métis mentors for children and youth. The Cultural Activities Worker can provide information on Métis events, history, traditions, activities, and foods. This worker also manages the Métis Family Services Facebook page (Métis Family Services-Surrey) with upcoming events and online classes  

Tel: 604-584-6621

Metis Crisis Line-1-833-638-4722

Residential School Crisis Support 1-800-721-0066

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