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Brella-Seniors and Caregiver Support

Brella Caregiver Supports 

Services we offer include: 

Client-Centered Individual Support

Scheduled weekly or bi-weekly appointments with caregivers to provide one-to-one support. Meetings can be held remotely or in-office.

Family & Caregiver Conferences

Caregiver support for families is also available to help families understand and manage difficult situations in an atmosphere where they can ask questions and air concerns. Appointment times can flex to accommodate work schedules. Conferences can be held remotely, in-office, or through a hybrid system.

Caregiver Support Groups

The Caregiver Support Group is beneficial to caregivers in all stages of their caregiving journey. This group focuses on providing education, support, camaraderie and relaxation. You must register to attend. Call for dates, times and locations or to register.

Referrals to Community and Health Care Services

Helping caregivers identify available community resources they can benefit from and connecting them with those services and supports.

Caring Conversations Webinars

Educational sessions held once a month over zoom covering a variety of topics and designed to offer helpful resources and connections for caregivers. Look for upcoming session information posted under the Online Events tab!

Respite Care Services

Giving caregivers a well-deserved break while ensuring that their loved one is taken care of.

Professional Counselling

Offered by a licensed clinical counsellor.



Calling Hours

Monday — Friday
9:00 am — 4:30 pm

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