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Free Support Therapists

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It is not easy to reach out for some extra support when you need it, but now is the time to come together. The following volunteer therapists are offering their time over the next year to provide FREE, short-term (1-3 sessions) support to the residents of White Rock/South Surrey. Before you choose one, please carefully read the guideline information. 


The guidelines are helpful to clarify what to expect in a short-term support model. Please note this service is not intended for people in crisis, rather for people who normally cope fairly well and are in need of additional support due to increased stress as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

If you are in crisis, please refer to the crisis lines or call 911.

Accessing Free Services

Struggling with issues related to COVID-19?

You are eligible for this free therapy service if you:

  • Are a resident of White Rock/South Surrey

To access this service, please see the volunteer registry of counsellors and contact the counsellor directly (see list below). You should expect to hear back from the counsellor within 2 business days.

Due to limited availability you may not get your preferred counsellor; should this happen please refer back to the volunteer directory for other counsellors who may be available to provide support.

How is Together-WR involved, what are the therapists qualifications, and how are they regulated?

The list of counsellors have all reviewed the following guidelines and have agreed to provide community members of WR/SS with COVID related support at no cost.


Counsellors on this registry are not employed or directly associated with Together WR/SS. They have a degree in counselling and are part of a formal regulatory body. They follow their own code of ethics based on the regulatory body where they are registered.  All questions pertaining to the scope of practice and treatment should be directed to the individual counsellor, as Together WR/SS is only acting as the referral source. 

If you choose a mental health professional listed on our site, you accept that Together WR/SS is not responsible should any issues arise as a result of your use of the volunteer registry, including, but not limited to, your initial contact with a counsellor (by phone or email) or in the provision of counselling services.

Any concerns can be followed up with the registering body of the professional you are seeing (BCACC, CCA, or ACCT). Should you require additional support beyond the scope of the support provided by our volunteers, you will be referred to existing community resources,  

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Our Volunteer Therapists

Shown in no particular order

Karren Shimonek

RCC 2342

adults and teens

Jeannie Campbell

RTC, MTC 2065

adults and 16 +

Beth Johnson

RSW 0431

adults and teens

Arlene Geres

RCC 7201

adults and teens

Shawn McNabb

RCC 3477

adults and teens

Tia Noble-FULL.

RCC 12085

adults and teens

Alison Bell

RCC 2319

adults and teens

Alma Vaugeouis

RCC 1255

adults and teens

Leanne Fessler

RCC 3000


Janine Tredwell

RCC 5301

adults, teens, children (6 and up)

Barb Rogers

RCC 2637

adults and teens

Heather Evans

RCC 10940

adults and teens

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