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Light and Shadow


The Clubhouse AKA Whale House

The Clubhouse AKA Whale House by Options BC

The Clubhouse program serves adults living with a mental illness. If you or someone you know has mental health issues, you may be seeking a community of understanding, like-minded people who might share the same experiences that you do. Find your sense of belonging at a Clubhouse, a safe, supportive environment where you can socialize, participate in fun recreational activities, learn employment skills, and increase community involvement. At the Clubhouses, you will never be labeled by your condition, and will feel welcomed with open arms.

FREE: Ages 19+

Referral Required (through family doctor, psychiatrist, or White Rock Mental Health/Substance Use Centre)

Telephone: 604-536-3480 


Mon & Fri 9:00-4:00

Tue-Thurs: 9:00-8:00

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