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READ ME FIRST: Adding new items to the Directory


I will briefly provide a rundown when adding new organizations/services to the Directory.

In this database, we will be using these main columns (Organization, sortid, logo, type, bio, contactinfo 1, & contactinfo 2, and website).

Organization = the name of the service/program/organization

sortid = add a number you want certain organizations to be at the top. It is currently sorted from highest to lowest

logo = the logo of the organization, you can find the logo on Google, or on their website, quickest way is to find the logo, then right click the image, and select "copy image address" OR open image in tab and copy the URL.

type = these are filters, select the filters that best matches the organization. If you wish to create new type/filters, be sure to update the directory and subpage accordingly. FYI, the filter 'specific' is for specific mental health resources.

bio = the description of the organization. Start off with the name of the organization, bolded and underline, afterwards the body text with the description. The next paragraph can be about any important information you want to relay, bold this paragraph.

website: the url of to the organization or program website

contactinfo 1 = telephone number (link with tel:###-###-####), hours, other websites, emails (link with

contactinfo 2 = any social media information. If contactinfo 1 seems to have too much content, (anything over 6-7 lines) move the additional information here

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