Light and Shadow

Indigenous Services, children & families, Youths, Children & Families, Violence & Abuse, Substance Use

Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association

We offer culturally-relevant programs and services to suit the various needs of our members.turally-relevant programs and services to suit the various needs of our members.

O'Siem Early Childhood Development
We use a holistic approach to encourage the parent/caregiver attachment with their children age 0-6, and also provide support in the areas of health and wellness.

Children, Youth and Families with Extra Support Needs
We offer intervention programs to children, youth, and families who may have extra support needs.

Youth and Young Adult
We strive to support youth ages 13-30 in gaining independence through goal-setting and providing support and guidance arouns skill-building in all facets of life.

Health and Wellness Promotion
Programming centered around healthy living.

Housing and Homelessness Prevention
Our housing and homelessness prevention programs support individuals and families who are at risk of, or facing, homelessness.