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Substance Use

Creekside Daytox Program

Creekside Daytox Program

Provides medically monitored withdrawal management and group-based support during the day for individuals who have a safe and stable home.

Withdrawal management services provide short-term medical supervision and support to individuals who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms associated with their discontinued use of alcohol/other drugs. Medically supervised withdrawal management is important, as there are some serious health risks for people coming off alcohol/other drugs. Once a person has completed withdrawal, they can enter a treatment program.

Creekside Daytox Program services include:

  • Supportive counselling

  • Substance use information

  • Daily exercise and relaxation sessions

  • Assessment

  • Referral to other services

  • Harm reduction

Telephone:  1-888-587-3755 self referral ok. 

13740 94A Avenue, Surrey