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Science Based, Greater Good Magazine from UC Berkeley has many positive family articles about coping at home.



-including parts for kids and teens to explore themselves.

Behavioral science-based information on children, youth and families developed by leaders of the American Psychological Association


Common Sense Media created site Wide Open Schools with MANY engaging content links for kids learning.  VERY COMPREHENSIVE preK-Grade 12

Triple P-positive parenting-

now includes “Parenting During COVID-19”module with specific tips and strategies. Modules for toddlers to teens. (6-8 modules-80$)


Common Sense Media site reviews movies and apps for parents. Includes articles on recommended kids apps.

Parents guide to snapchat

Top internet parenting resources chosen by psychologists.

BC Foundry list of helpful apps for teens.

Positive Parenting

Kids and Covid

Children who have experienced serious illness or losses in the past are particularly vulnerable to prolonged or intense reactions to graphic news reports or images of illness or death. These children may need extra support and attention. Children who are excessively preoccupied with concerns about COVID19 should be evaluated by a trained and qualified mental health professional.


Other signs that a child may need additional help include: ongoing sleep disturbances, intrusive thoughts or worries, recurring fears about illness or death, reluctance to leave parents or go to school. If such behaviors persist, ask your child’s doctor to help arrange an appropriate referral. (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Returning kids to school:

-Facing another pandemic school year.

-Mental wellness tips for how to talk about returning to school

-CDC Return to school article and interactive decision making tool for parents.

-Returning kids to school: How to feel ok about your decision.

-Parenting Burnout! 6 ways to Cope. Sept 2021


-Check in with your teen about their mental health. March 2021 BC research shows teens mental health is suffering. 

-Everyday anxiety strategies for educators (and now for parents and caretakers) EASE-BC Education.


-Article on identifying 10 signs of COVID stress on kids. Interviews with a variety of mental health professionals

from Huffington Post.

COVID daily tips,video chats, email support and resources for parents

Useful Parenting  Articles about Parenting Covid Issues and How to talk to kids about Covid by Kelty Mental Health Canada 

Psychologist discusses how to motivate your kids when they are stuck at home

Psychology Today: How to mitigate pandemic fallout for babies and toddlers

Brene Brown  Collective Vulnerability, the FFTs of Online Learning, and the Sacredness of Bored Kids

Happy Family

Post Secondary Students


Free App/Online

Child Mental Health Online Resources

Kelty's Mental Health-Comprehensive BC Children's Hospital Information including resources and tools

Another comprehensive site of Mental Health Resources for Parents from the Society For Adolescent Health and Medicine

Guides for children to manage anxiety 

FREE online program with counsellor support for parents of anxious kids: Confident Parents, Thriving Kids from BC-Canada Mental Health

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Creativity and family play 

CTV article on engaging kids learning from home-several resources.

87 indoor activities because cabin fever is no joke

NATURE Activities!!

Exploring Indigenous ways of learning-age based materials  and books in the library


Geocaching-an outdoor treasure hunt in your neighborhoods.

Nature journal writing for kids

City of Surrey Resources for outdoor learning.

Soothing & Quiet Time

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 5.58.47 PM.png

Psychology Today - Working from home with kids

CTV News article on working from home with kids​


Yale Medicine put together 8 tips for managing kids at home.

Working from Home with Kids

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