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Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.  

                                                 -Thomas Carlyle

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Covid Fatigue. Global news discussion with psychologist.

5 tips for handling your mental health during a second wave of COVID-19

John Hopkins article on COVID burnout and fatigue

University of California COVID resources including dealing with COVID burnout

Preserving your mental health during COVID. Economist interview with Brene Brown

Making decisions under the stress of a pandemic. 

Six daily questions to ask yourself while social distancing


Free online book, Dr. Meichenbaum, Roadmap to Resilience. 

Excellent handout regarding coping with COVID stress by the Canadian Psychological Association

Chatelaine article with Vancouver psychologist regarding Covid Anxiety.

Tip sheet from Institute for Disaster Mental Health (IDMH) Covid-19: Managing stress in this anxious time:

Engadget article on impact and coping with COVID isolation. Interview with Psychologist.

Canadian Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Helpful information on coping with isolation and quarantine.

  •   Scroll down the CAMH Covid page as they also have a good self-test regarding level of perceived stress. 

Article from Psychologist-How to deal with the day to day while at home. 

Psychology Today: Surviving Quarantine with your relationship intact. 


Kids and Covid

Children who have experienced serious illness or losses in the past are particularly vulnerable to prolonged or intense reactions to graphic news reports or images of illness or death. These children may need extra support and attention. Children who are excessively preoccupied with concerns about COVID19 should be evaluated by a trained and qualified mental health professional. Other signs that a child may need additional help include: ongoing sleep disturbances, intrusive thoughts or worries, recurring fears about illness or death, reluctance to leave parents or go to school. If such behaviors persist, ask your child’s doctor to help arrange an appropriate referral. (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)


Parents and Women are struggling the most with COVID related stress. Recent Canadian Study finds. 

Article on identifying 10 signs of COVID stress on kids. Interviews with a variety of mental health professionals

from Huffington Post.

COVID daily tips,video chats, email support and resources for parents

Useful Parenting  Articles about Parenting Covid Issues and How to talk to kids about Covid by Kelty Mental Health Canada 

Psychologist discusses how to motivate your kids when they are stuck at home

Psychology Today: How to mitigate pandemic fallout for babies and toddlers

Brene Brown  Collective Vulnerability, the FFTs of Online Learning, and the Sacredness of Bored Kids

UCLA health, COVID and Pregnancy

Returning kids to school:

-Complications of online vs in-person schooling (American article but addresses vulnerable youth),

-CDC Return to school article and interactive decision making tool for parents.

-Returning kids to school: How to feel ok about your decision.

-How to talk to your kids about returning to school. (video)

-Everyday anxiety strategies for educators (and now for parents and caretakers) EASE-BC Education.


Post Secondary Students


Free App/Online


HELPFUL VIDEOS/Podcasts/Learning

Dr. Russ Harris, Australian ACT psychologist has a helpful video about anxiety on YouTube about "How to respond effectively to the corona virus" The animated video is nicer than the title :) 

Renowned trauma psychologist, Bessel Van de Kolk discusses personal connections and covid (other videos as well!) 

News talk radio interview with Cdn Psychologist re mental illness and covid19. 


Dr. Jud Brewer, neuro-psychiatrist from Brown University has created several, specific YouTube videos for Covid stress. Here's one on "How to train your brain to use kindness to create connection during a crisis & make it a habit"  Here's one on How to move from a fixed to growth mindset


The University Of Berkley, California website called Greater Good has many positive resources. This is a podcast on connection while distancing.

Yale University has released its popular Happiness Class course free to the public.


10percentHappier-Podcast, How to go easier on yourself in a pandemic with Dr. Kristin Neff

10 percent happier podcast resources for the pandemic 

Podcast from most popular Yale psychology professor, Dr. Laurie Santos at the Happiness Lab.

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