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Positivity and Coping Resources

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Sometimes the simple pleasures can bring significant joy, a spring flower, a sunny day, or having a laugh. Look for 5 senses of positivity for different ways to uplift mood.  Positive textures such as blankets, positive sounds such as music, positive sights such as a favourite photo or a funny online video. Positivity is out there to discover! 

Leaders in the field of positivity and education created this online magazine: 

UC Berkley Greater Good Magazine. Science based insights for a meaningful life.

Find some fun, playful indoor and outdoor ways to move your body. Dont waste your time on activities you dont enjoy.

- Surrey Parks and Education is posting free workout videos for members of all ages.

-Canadian Institute for Aging has also posted some additional seniors ones. 

Living Life to The Fullest: 

A Facilitator will facilitate 90-minute, CBT sessions,  once a week over 8 weeks with a co-facilitator to a group of 6 to 12 participants

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Mindfulness Meditations & Stress Reduction
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Squinty smiley


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